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VIDEO: Matt is excited about Potato Pat. You should be, too!


Okay, so I figured I'd do a video when my hair is at its most obnoxious. Look, everybody, I'm this has been such a fun stretch on Ground-Up Governance, punctuated or emphasized or maybe whatever the headline, I don't know, I'm not sure what the right way to put it is. We've got our second installment of Potato Pat coming out tomorrow. If you haven't seen Potato Pat yet go back to the post from last Wednesday, whatever day that was. And don't just look at the amazing comic strip, which is great and hilarious. But read through the whole thing because Nate and I, we we got to this point, well, what we wanted to do was something a little bit different, not just because we realized we had more stuff to say, and funny ways to say that stuff. But also because there's, we really want to engage you in a conversation because there's a lot of sort of conventions or status quo in boardrooms and corporate leadership that, I mean, we just kind of live with without thinking about what we could do to make it better or without feeling the freedom to dream about how much better it could actually be. So I've had a great day, I had a great jam with my band. I've got a lot of work done. I'm feeling good. We've got installment two coming out tomorrow. So if you haven't looked at Potato Pat yet, I know it's a weird time of day. It's late for most of us who are in North America. Anyway, have a look. Installment one of Potato Pat from last week by 8amE astern time tomorrow, Wednesday, what day is that? That's March 22. Installment two will be out. Every post has some prompts. And we really want you if you don't feel comfortable posting publicly, that's fine. But if you do, post your responses to those prompts, in the comments of the post, and if you don't feel comfortable, just shoot me an email at Or shoot Nate an email if that makes you feel better at We're having a lot of fun. So please engage with us on this. Just be a part of the process if you feel up to it, because we think this is a really fun medium and we'd really like to hear what you think. Looking forward to hearing what you got to say after looking through this stuff. Chat with you soon.

Ground-Up Governance
Ground-Up Governance
Matt Fullbrook