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VIDEO: Quick update and hello from Matt


Hey Ground-Up Governance geeks! And happy Canadian Thanksgiving to any of you who observe. It's the first Monday since we launched Ground-Up Governance that you didn't get a fresh new definition. So, sorry about that. Things are a little bit slow for us - being Nate and me - right now. First of all, exciting news. Nate, who in his day job is a video game designer and he's got a new thing coming out a new game, Slay Away Camp 2, coming out through Netflix in the next couple of weeks, and it's just like consumed his life leading up to launch. So congratulations to Nate. And if any of you like puzzle games, and adorable stuff, and gory stuff, this game is for you. So check it out. If you're a Netflix subscriber, it's not out yet, but it will be really soon. But also, Nate and I are starting to work on a new thing. And it's governance related you... I'm pretty sure this is going to be really cool for all, at least most of you. It's kind of taking what Nate and I are good at together and turning it into something that's a little bit more directly practical and applicable to corporate leaders like you. But in the meantime, the Ground-Up Governance thing is going to kind of slow down for a bit. Ground-Up Governance as you're used to it will continue to be a useful resource and an important part of what we're building. It's just for now, our attention is a little bit elsewhere. So we'll keep updating you. I know this is a little bit circumspect. And I'm not really trying to I don't want to keep any secrets from you. It just is not quite ready for me to share yet. So you'll be the first to know. And you'll be the first to give it to have an opportunity to let us know if we're doing something useful. And we'd really, really appreciate your insight and feedback soon enough. But in the meantime, we'll keep you posted. We're not going to be strangers. Let us know what's on your minds and and we'll see you soon. We're just really excited to have you part of our journey. Thank you. chat soon.

Ground-Up Governance
Ground-Up Governance
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