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Hey, everybody, it's been kind of a long time a lot is changing. Not just my hair getting longer, but a lot of other stuff too. Wow, sorry about the hair, it is kind of intense. So we hit 50 definitions on Ground-Up Governance last week and Nate, the illustrator, Nate Schmold, and I have been talking about what we can do to try out some new stuff. So the first piece is we're going to go like half time on the definitions. So definitions for now, at least, until we decide that we want to go back to normal, but for now, we're just going to be on Mondays. So today's definition, which was consensus, number 51, we won't have another one until number 52, next week. And that gives us a little bit of freedom to try some new stuff. We've got a bunch of ideas, there's like a couple of really interesting funny things that we are going to try that may launch this week, if we can really get our act together, but might take a little bit longer than that. So you'll start seeing things maybe it'll be Wednesdays, that's what we're planning right now. But we'll see. And lots more interesting stuff in the Sound-Up Governance podcast too. And sorry for weird scheduling on that lately to the next episode of that will come out tomorrow on Tuesday, which I know is not normal. And the next one for next week, I think will be about the same time too. So apologies for a little bit of production schedule unpredictability. But either way, I just want to thank all of you. I mean 50 posts is kind of awesome. And with a bunch more ideas and a bunch more cool stuff and a growing community. I'm just like we're so Nate and I are so grateful to all of you for following along. And, you know, especially now that we're in that headspace of trying out new stuff, if there's anything that's on your mind, whether it's you know, questions you'd like us to explore or ideas that we aren't explaining very well or anything like that, shoot us a note. Put a comment on this this video or send an email to or And just sort of let us know what's on your mind and, and we'll see what's up. But it's been an amazing experience so far. We're having so much fun and thank you a lot, a lot a lot for being a part of it with us. We can't wait to show you what's up next.

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