What is Ground-Up Governance?

If you find corporate governance boring, overly-complex, or laden with impenetrable jargon, Ground-Up Governance is your antidote. Each week we’ll post 1-3 USEFUL/fun/funny/silly/subversive illustrated definitions of important terms in the world of corporate governance. Subscribers will also get access to expert interviews, videos, and other fun content. Ground-Up Governance is designed to be accessible, fun, and valuable no matter your level of knowledge and experience. If you’re completely new to the topic, start right from the beginning to build your skillset and vocabulary. If you’re an experienced corporate director, CEO, or governance professional, this is the place for new perspectives, simplified language, and new ways to approach governance excellence.

No subscription needed!

The main Ground-Up Governance newsletter with 1-3 posts and comics per week is completely free - no subscription required! If you create a Substack account and get a free subscription to Ground-Up Governance, you’ll be get pinged every time there’s a new post and also get access to occasional cool subscriber-only content.

What do you get with a paid subscription?

Paid subscribers can listen to the Sound-Up Governance podcast, featuring interviews with a broad range of experts. You’ll also get access to regular audio/video posts with special commentary and fun guest appearances. Listen to the first few episodes of Sound-Up Governance to get a sense of what it’s about.

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Matt is a corporate governance researcher, advisor, and educator based in Toronto. Creator of Ground-Up Governance. Host of the One Minute Governance podcast. www.boardeffectiveness.ca
Nate is a multimedia artist (electronic music, video game design, illustration, animation, cartooning, graffiti, and once, even some stage acting!) Check him out at www.3030.ca