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Which brings my thinking back to your words "creating the conditions..." I am so wishful for a Board meeting that is not all run by consent agendas and legalese based protocols...I so want to have a meeting that holds a framework/creates conditions for "effective conversations" and invites the voice of CEO's, top leadership and Boards to have "real talk" "real connections" --conversations that are artfully evoked by an inclusive and well-designed framework that does the business it needs to do through a design that also invites and inspires real conversation. I picture our heads and our hearts attached by an antenna that feels the vibration of the moment, raises the energy of connection and resonates with the balance of of each such that the shared work and deeper conversation shapes an even more effective decision. How do we move from archaic "Robert's Rules" to creating space for relevant magic to emerge at this level and travel through and with the top leadership to materialize into the spirits of the people who do the work.

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