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Thanks Matt and Nate.

#1 Any questions related to the annual summary that was just presented. This directs the group a little to focus on what you want comments on, it is not an open discussion. It would ap'pear' that this is banana's first interaction with Pat and I am hopeful that banana will learn from this experience for next time

#2 I try to engage them before meetings formally start so as to let them comment on general things on their mind. Additionally I try to provide presentations in advance to get their feedback before the meeting so as to allow them to be heard.

#3 Meeting participants have received the materials in advance and had an opportunity to convey initial comments early (in advance), they have all had an opportunity to participate which can only happen if the culture is such that everyone is listening and respectful of the other members of the meeting.

Cheers - Darcy

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G'day from Australia!

Love a good comic and in particular one on governance. While I'm not too crash hot on the choice of a potato (there are some lagging, ableist types out there who do use that as a slur for differently abled people), I do get that there are beloved Pats out there who can do great things in the right settings.

As for #1, Banana's question was vague, and doesn't lend itself to clarifying any particular points. Definitely could have narrowed the margins for that one or indicated that there was a need to move on so a limit would need to be put on the Q&A in general with anything more substantial to be directed, addressed and circulated as appropriate after the meeting.

#2: Acknowledgement and signposting are great facilitator/presenter skills to keep everyone on track. If Banana felt like they needed to keep moving, they could indicate that the feedback was valuable, and that they'd like to discuss that further outside of the meeting context so that Pat could get everything off his chest that he needed to. That could then be directed to an in person/email/Slack setting as appropriate.

#3: Engagement in meetings is all about preparation, keeping author/presenter content briefer, pursuing a participatory dialogue where everyone gets a chance to have a say and feel safe to do so, and where it gets wrapped up neatly (with actions as appropriate) so everyone knows what they're coming away with; ensuring its not a meeting for the sake of a meeting.

That's my AUD$0.02.

Keep up the excellent work. Looking forward to the next one mates

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