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Matt - as usual you're spot on. I encounter this all the time with training and strategic planning sessions. Another spin on this is the fact that boards don't agree among themselves about how strategic their discussion is. (Arguably it makes what you're describing worse.)

My exercise with groups (and I'm sure I stole this) is to give a ratio of the time the board spends on forward looking things (strategic)/backward looking things (oversight). Is it 50/50? 20/80? 70/30? And when I have boards do this on post-it notes, secretly, the answer vary wildly within the room. There's enough trouble agreeing on what "strategic" discussion sounds like, some believing they're always strategic and those across the room who think they rarely are. Uff da!

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This is awesome, Kevin. Kind of amazing that we don't just *talk* about this stuff. Saying it out loud is a pretty important starting point. Thanks for sharing.

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